2024 Direct Seller Listing

The Direct Sellers below are the only ones authorized to sell or solicite in the City of Mauston.  If someone comes to your door or leaves solicitation at your home and they are are not listed below, please call and report them to the Police Department at 608/847-6363.

Direct Sellers Permit #
Agent Legal Entity
2024-DS-01 Dreama Spaude Tree-ripe fruit
2024-DS-02  Lisa Schlichting The Pig Pen
 2024-DS-03 Rebecca Labine

 Marcchina del Cibo

2024-DS- 04 Mike Neitzel

Snack Shack

2024-DS-05 Mary Bender

Chill'n Sweets

2024-DS-06 Jessica Rettler

Flyte Family Farm

2024-DS-07 Ana Torres

Las Milpas

2024-DS-08 Angela Cain

Roadside Dogs

2024-DS-09 Ampawan Jianphan

Thai Station