The Police Department is responsible for public safety through patrol, traffic enforcement, code enforcement, investigations, rescue calls, disaster planning, and emergency response. It also provides several support services to the community. The department can be broken into five operations:


Administration: This operation performs staff scheduling, budget preparation, purchasing & grant administration, special events coordination, and public relations.


Law Enforcement: Protects life and property through enforcement of laws and regulations, proactively patrols assigned areas, responds to calls for service, conducts traffic investigations, process evidence, traffic enforcement, parking enforcement, testifies in court, and takes an active role in community oriented policing.


Investigations: Investigation of serious crimes, such as arson, robbery, burglary, death, and drug investigations. Investigation also takes on the main role of interviews, as well as preparing documentation for search and arrest warrants.


Emergency Response: This operation involves agency and officer assists, rescue calls, disaster planning, traffic control, and fire response. The City does provide administrative and training support the County’s Tactical Team.


Support Services:  Includes dispatch, records management, School Resource Officer position, court officer, school crossing guards at four different locations, and parking violation entry and payment.