Mauston Cemetery

It is the desire of the City of Mauston to make the Cemetery in Mauston a quiet, beautiful resting place for the deceased. Anything which would mar the general beauty and harmony of the cemetery must be avoided. Peace and order must prevail, and the sacredness of the place be maintained at all times. It is to this end that these Rules and Regulations have been adopted.

The City of Mauston is excited to provide the opportunity for people to look up graves at Mauston–Oakwood Cemetery.  Click here to start your search. 


Inground Pricing   (revised 10-13-2020)

(all payments are due at the time of the service or an agreed upon date in writing) 

   Full Burials Cremations
Right of Burial          $200         $200
2nd Right of Burial          $200     $200
Perpetual Care Fee          $300     $300
Grave Marking          $50     $50
Grave Opening          $750     $300
Weekends       + $150   +$150
Holidays       +$150   +$150
Winter (frozen ground)       +$150


Penalty for late payments      $50/week