City Finance /Treasurer

The City of Mauston prepares an annual budget as a comprehensive guide for financial decision‐making and operation management for its fiscal year, January 1 to December 31. The budget is not only a financial plan but also a performance plan to assist in accomplishing the strategic goals set forth by the Mayor and City Council. The Common Council has adopted several financial policies that guide the financial management of the City including policies that address the annual budget.

The City Administrator provides the Finance and Purchasing Committee with a proposed work calendar for the adoption of the budget. With input from the Finance and Purchasing Committee, the City Administrator develops guidelines to be utilized by department heads in establishing respective department budgets. Department heads submit their requests to the City Administrator who compiles and prepares a complete budget recommendation for the Mayor and Council annually. The City Council schedules and conducts a public hearing for the proposed budget in accordance with state law. Per statute, the hearing must be posted 15 days in advance of the public hearing.

 2024 Adopted Budget


Each year the City of Mauston conducts an independent audit review to assess the financial position and management each year. The City's current auditor is Johnson & Block out of Viroqua, WI.  Typically the audit commences in early part of the year and completed by the month of May or June. The last audit is provided below.   

2022 Audited Financial Statements