Mauston Election Information

Got questions on the Election Process - Check out Election 101 from the Wisconsin Election Commission


It's Election Day - Badger Book at the Polls from Wisconsin Elections Commission on Vimeo.



You will need to provide a current and valid photo I.D. (ie. WI driver's license). If the I.D. does not have your current Mauston  address, you will also need to bring an acceptable proof of residence with a current and complete residential address (ie. current utility bill, bank statement, pay check or government document).


Where do I register to Vote? 

1.  Go to  follow the prompts

2.   City Hall- 303 Mansion Street

3.   Click HERE for a paper Voter Registration Form (once completed you can drop off at City Hall with your proof of residence)

How do I get an Absentee Ballot?

1.  Go to  follow the prompts

2.   Apply for and vote an absentee ballot at City Hall - 303 Mansion Street.  Must bring a valid photo ID

3.    Additional information from the Wisconsin Election Commission. Click Link

 If you have further questions please contact: or direct line 608/747-2706

Wisconsin Voter information

FAQ by the Wisconsin Election Commission