The Administrative Department manages several support services including meeting preparation, elections, human resources, budget preparation, payments & billings, permits & inspections, zoning management, cable broadcasts, website, and other communications. The department contracts with several private sector firms to provide these services. The department can be broken into five operations:

Budget & Finance: is responsible for hiring & recruitment, union negotiations, personnel insurance management, personnel records, financial policy management, budget preparation, payroll, tax collection & special assessments, utility billing, licenses & permits, account management, accounts receivable & payable, and financial reports and auditing. Legal counsel is contracted with Richards-Bria Law Firm, and audit services are contracted with Johnson & Block.

Elections & Records: this operation prepares agendas & minutes, resolutions & ordinances, elections, and property assessments. Property Assessments are performed through a contract with Associated Appraisals. Legal counsel is contracted with Richards-Bria Law Firm.

Planning & Zoning: this operation manages permits, inspections, certificates of occupancy, site plan review, variances, zoning maps & ordinances, and public health and nuisance code enforcement. General Engineering is hired to provide inspection services.